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Non Pierce 3 in 1 Labia Jewelry Box
Product ID E-COF03
Non Pierce 3 in 1 Labia Jewelry Box
This women's non-piercing 3-in-1 labia jewelry piece is simply exquisite. The cast and heavy gold plated (10 microns) piece is perfectly constructed to provide wonderful sensations under your favorite outfit, or without anything at all. This piece can be worn three different ways, depending on the occasion. First, they can be worn as plain gold labia rings. Second, you can add the white pearl and gold chain pendants. Lastly, you can add the pearl and gold chain to connect both rings. This piece comes in a black gift box, and is perfect for Valentine's Day! One size fits most.
Price: $88.00
77.18 EUR 68.02 GBP
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